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­> Funeral von Heidi Kabel (St. Michaelis, Hamburg)

Press Review

"Remote from all hit-parades of folk music, with their rancid assembly-line commodities, fortunately there are still musicians who are inspired by the simple and genuine. Bettina Pahn sings simply well, namely, unmannered and confident of intonation, 25 songs and ballads from "Alle Vögel sind schon da" to "Kein schöner Land in dieser Zeit," that, also thanks to Joachim Held's economically elegant lute background, come across as small revelations".

(February, 2008)

"Here is new Christmas album from Joachim Held and Bettina Pahn, artists considered preeminent Baroque specialists. [...] This is a beautiful and well-made album with a natural beauty and a fluid musicality of singing and playing. One could not expect more. These two long-time duo partners turn the talents to capturing the home-spun beauty of the German carol tradition, sounding every bit as exquisite as they did on their other CD. Here is a consistently fine and intimate collection that should happily attract and easily appeal to listeners looking for a holiday album that is as charming as it is agreeable."

Musical Heritage
(December, 2009)


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